Cryogenic Treatment Machine For Molds
Stem Cell, Blood Bank and Bio-bank
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Equipment
Cryogenic Treatment Machine For Molds


With the development and maturity of low temperature technology, more and more manufacturers choose liquid nitrogen to cool their metal molds. It can increase the toughness and rigidity of knives and other product molds by 150%, or even 300%, improve product quality and save production costs.

SJ600 series intelligent cryogenic equipment is designed by our company according to customer needs. The system consists of an air intake system, a heated air intake system, a liquid nitrogen storage system and an intelligent control system. The system adopts the latest electronic technology and liquid nitrogen temperature dispersion technology, and the cooling, constant temperature and heating processes are uniform and stable. The products can be designed in horizontal, vertical, rectangular, cylindrical and other specifications, and are designed and manufactured according to customer's requirements.

Main Features:
● The equipment is made of food-grade stainless steel, and the mechanical part are specially reinforced;
● Powder coated surface, different colors are optional;
● The Special insulation layer can effectively block the heat exchange between inner vessel and outer shell.
● Special design for opening the lid easily.
● Equipped with a dedicated door button to ensure complete sealing and reliable locking;
● There are base rollers to ensure that the ground not to be damaged;
● A network with networking capability, all devices can be connected together; (optional)
● The size and capacity can be designed according to customer’s demand;
● User-friendly computer interface; easy to operate.

Stem Cell, Blood Bank and Bio-bank


1.SJ CRYO is the only company who can provide complete whole system of liquid nitrogen storing biological samples in China. We have the patents of the whole system; we design, develop and produce the whole system all by ourselves.

2.The whole system includes liquid nitrogen filling system (big liquid nitrogen tank, cryogenic pipe and cryogenic liquid transfer system), specimen storing system (stainless steel biological liquid nitrogen container, liquid nitrogen filling container and accessories), and monitoring managing system (monitoring software, managing software and biobank safety managing system ).

3.Our products and systems are beyond foreign products on core technology, cost-effectiveness and after-sale service.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Equipment


SJ CRYO combines with the ice cream industry development situation in liquid nitrogen ice cream filling machine is easy to operate and low running cost advantages.

With the development of society, people's increasing demand for ice cream and cold drinks for better taste. especially liquid nitrogen ice cream makes further development of the industry. Either the taste of liquid nitrogen ice cream or the smoky mood is really fascinating for people.

Liquid nitrogen ice cream and cold drinks have been very popular in some area, but just beginning for some other area too. The reason is nothing less than the price of foreign production and development of this product is expensive, after delivery to us, its price is very expensive.

Product features:

● Healthy
Liquid nitrogen is airborne to obtain non-toxic, inert and does not react with other ingredients within the ice cream. During the freezing process, the ice cream raw material is surrounded by nitrogen to reduce contact with the air, almost no oxidation discoloration and fat rancidity, to eliminate the oil smell caused by oxidation. The rapid reduction of temperature can slow down the biochemical reaction of ice cream and reduce the series of metamorphism caused by the enzyme; liquid nitrogen on bacteria and other micro organisms also suffocation and inhibition, and better to maintain the original ice cream and cold drinks freshness, color Fragrance and its nutritional value.

● Good taste
Making ice cream using liquid nitrogen freezing, low temperature -196 ℃ can quickly make crystalline materials, through the rapid freezing zone. Liquid nitrogen is liquid and can be in close contact with all parts of the irregularly shaped food, so that the heat transfer resistance to a minimum; like an egg shell generally firmly in the feed of nutrients. Ice cream inside the ice crystal small and uniform, eat naturally fine and not have a rough feeling.

● Good shaping
Chocolate and cream-like ice cream produced by liquid nitrogen impregnation, due to the direct contact time between the surface chocolate and liquid nitrogen is extremely short, the chocolate coating temperature is much lower than the temperature of the inner ice cream, the thermal expansion and contraction of chocolate Tightly wrapped in the inner layer of ice cream, so that the outer layer is not easy to peel off. At the same time, due to the liquid nitrogen freezing very low temperature, chocolate and cream hardness is higher, crisp leather coating appearance is very smooth and smooth, does not produce melting,bonding and surface cracking, shedding and so on, liquid nitrogen ice cream sensory quality indicators Significantly better than conventional refrigeration equipment frozen products.

Structural features:

● Filling equipment without electricity, low energy consumption;
● Stainless steel body;
● Quick release structure, easy to connect;
● High vacuum multi-layer insulation, low liquid nitrogen evaporation;
● Mechanical control, low failure rate;
● Discharge pressure is low, high safety;
● Filtration nozzles reject impurities;
● Universal brake casters to facilitate small space to move;
● Height is comfortable for operating;
● Can be upgraded to electrical control;
● Bar can be customized under the cabinet;