Enterprise Culture

I. Objective

Seeking excellence on the strength of innovation, and serving clients with cryogenic equipment of advanced technology.

III. Operation Concept

Seeking supreme quality, advanced technology, sincere service and innovative development

II. Spirit

Integrity is the basis of survival and the basic principle of behaving and operating;
Unity is the source of power and the driving force of development;
Innovation is the foundation of development and guarantee of core competitiveness;
Devotion is the embodiment of responsibility and the demand of employee and enterprise development.

IV. Management Concept

Efficiency and effectiveness is the core, institution is the guarantee, and Shengjie enterprise culture of powerful unity is the driving force for steady enterprise development.

V. View of Talent

Employees are the most valuable intangible asset for an enterprise; working cultivates them, performance tests them, development attracts them and enterprise culture unifies them.

VI. Outlook on Development

A balanced development of technology and market is the guarantee for steady enterprise development.