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Generally speaking, samples ought to be stored using liquid nitrogen will always need to be stored for a relatively long time, with very strict requirement for storage temperature, which should be maintained at -150℃ or even lower continuously. And it is also required that samples subject to long-term storage under such cryogenic environment should still maintain activity upon recovery of temperature.

During long-term sample storage, how to guarantee security of the samples is the greatest concern of the users. Then, what can Haier Biomedical Aluminum Alloy Liquid Nitrogen Container do to guarantee security of the samples?

Medical Series – Aluminum Alloy Liquid Nitrogen Container

Different from traditional machinery cooling method, the Liquid Nitrogen Container can make safe sample storage for a long time under cryogenic temperature (-196℃) without plugging in.

However, Haier Biomedical’s Medical Liquid Nitrogen Container combines the advantages of low liquid nitrogen consumption and medium-range storage, and can meet the requirements by professionals of different industries. It is applicable to cryogenic storage of stem cells, blood, virus and other samples from scientific research institutes, electronic, chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises, as well as laboratories, blood stations and hospitals, etc.

Nitrogen Container1

All products of the medical series are of the caliber of 216mm, and are divided into five models i.e. 65L, 95L, 115L, 140L and 175L, thus being able to meet storage requirements of different users.

Low Rate of Evaporation Loss

With high vacuum coverage and super insulation, in collocation with durable aluminum structure, it can greatly reduce evaporation loss rate of liquid nitrogen, and save cost of liquid nitrogen. The temperature can also be under -190℃ even though the samples are stored in gas-phase space.

Nitrogen Container2

Thermal Insulation and Vacuum Technology

With automatic winding machine winding the thermal insulation layer evenly, as well as the advanced thermal insulation and vacuum technology, it has guaranteed that the storage time can be up to 4 months after single filling of liquid nitrogen.

Nitrogen Container3

Suitable for Storage of Blood Bags

All products of the medical series can be adapted to liquid nitrogen containers for storing blood bags, and this is applicable to the time period when there are a few blood bags or before the blood bags are transferred to large liquid nitrogen containers.

Nitrogen Container4

Real-time Monitoring of Temperature and Liquid Level

It can be used in collocation with Haier’s SmartCap, to make real-time monitoring of the temperature and liquid level in the liquid nitrogen container, thus getting to know whether the sample storage environment is safe or not at any time.

Nitrogen Container5
Nitrogen Container6

Anti-opening Protection

With standard lock cap, it can guarantee the samples free of being arbitrarily opened by others, thus protecting security of the samples

Nitrogen Container7

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