Ⅳ Liquid Nitrogen Container Sample Library 1+N Mode | Meet Optimal Experience Requirements of Users

Haier Biomedical has always been taking optimal user experience as the objective.

However, as a controlled subsidiary of Haier Biomedical, Sichuan Haishengjie Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd. (production base of liquid nitrogen containers in Chengdu) always puts user experience in the first place as well.

Recently, the Liquid Nitrogen Container Sample Library that we customized for a biological cell library in Chengdu has completed its installation.


The users’ actual use experience is our biggest pursuit.

The user expressed that it had an extremely good use experience with our products previously, so it decided to choose us again at the beginning of establishing this Liquid Nitrogen Container Sample Library.


During communication with the user in early stage, for many reasons such as expenses and operating cost, etc., in combination with the user’s opinions, we made “1+3” usage mode of Liquid Nitrogen Container for the user: namely, taking one self-pressurized supply container as the storage container of liquid nitrogen, to provide liquid nitrogen support for three large-caliber stainless steel liquid nitrogen containers.


Initial installation

Although the Sample Library fails to complete the decoration temporarily, upon communication with the user, we still deliver the liquid nitrogen containers to designated place according to the user designated time, and completed disassembly of outer package of the liquid nitrogen containers.


Secondary installation

After appointing another time with the user, we went to the site again, and completed installation of the Liquid Nitrogen Container Sample Library for the user.


Every time, we would provide the best service for you with optimal user experience as the objective.


Post time: Jul-19-2022