The role of liquid nitrogen filling machine in filling liquid nitrogen in canned products

Liquid nitrogen is transported from the liquid nitrogen storage tank to the gas-liquid separator through the ultra-high vacuum pipeline. The gas-liquid two-phase nitrogen is actively separated through the gas-liquid separator, and the gas and nitrogen are automatically discharged to reduce the saturation of the liquid nitrogen pressure. The gas-liquid separator After the liquid nitrogen inside is purified, the liquid nitrogen is separated from the gas nitrogen, and the pure liquid nitrogen is injected into the nitrogen injection machine. The liquid level of the gas-liquid separator is automatically controlled to ensure that the liquid nitrogen level and static pressure head are constant, to ensure that the liquid nitrogen filling machine is not affected by pressure fluctuations when injecting nitrogen, and the stability of the nitrogen injection is affected, and the CPK value in the bottle is affected.

The role of liquid nitrogen filling machine in filling liquid nitrogen in canned products:

After the filling is completed and before entering the cap, the modern liquid nitrogen filling technology is used to accurately and quantitatively drop the liquid nitrogen at -196°C, and then immediately seal the liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen absorbs heat in a short time and converts to gaseous nitrogen. , The volume expands 700 times.

1. Internal pressure is generated in the can/bottle, which is easy to hold, and increases the hand feeling. It will not produce a bottle collapsed after cooling, and will not be deformed during packaging, stacking and handling.

2. Drive out the air (especially oxygen) in the can/bottle, so that the shelf life of the product is longer and the taste is better.

3. Aluminum cans are not easy to rust and are suitable for refrigeration.

Liquid nitrogen infusion process:
Basic configuration of key equipment: liquid nitrogen storage tank, ultra-high vacuum multi-layer and multi-screen insulated cryogenic liquid transportation pipeline (vacuum pipeline for short), PHASE SEPARATOR, nitrogen injection machine, and automatic control system.

Post time: Aug-31-2021