Liquid Nitrogen Bio Refrigerator

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Liquid nitrogen biological refrigerator with novel appearance and strong sense of medical equipment is suitable for all kinds of sample banks, hospitals and laboratories.

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The liquid nitrogen biological refrigerator has novel appearance and strong sense of medical equipment, and is suitable for various sample banks, hospitals and laboratories. Dual lock design can effectively protect the sample safety; intelligent management can connect to cloud server, touch screen operation makes the use easier, and has its own power conversion device, equipped with liquid nitrogen filter, reduce impurities and improve the life of the whole machine.

Product Features:

The square shell shows the magnificence and beauty, and the inner cylinder design is conducive to high vacuum multi-layer insulation;
The top of the product is opened to make sample placement more convenient;
The cover plate design saves the operation effort and the double lock and double control design makes the sample safer to store;
The control instrument uses touch screen and has fingerprint unlocking function, which makes the product more beautiful;

Product Advantages:

● Double lock double charged
Adopt double lock double control design, sample storage is safer.

● Use fingerprint to unlock
Touch screen, with fingerprint unlock function, safe and beautiful.

● Earth leakage protection
With leakproof point protection function, the use of more assured, more safe personnel.


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    Working Voltage DC24V
    Using Power Supply AC220V/AC110V
    Outline Size 1340x1100x1200
    Applicable to Frozen Parts Blood bag rack, square bucket, round bucket
    Control Mode Automatic intelligent control
    Design Temperature for Freezing Storage -196°C 〜Normal atmospheric temperature
    Design Pressure Open atmospheric pressure
    Opening Size Φ1000mm
    Geometric Volume 550L
    Design Weight 400KG
    Insulation Form High Vacuum Multilayer Insulation
    Gas phase Liquid phase
    1.2,1.8 & 2 ml Vials (Internally Threaded) (ea) 33550 42900
    Number of Racks with 25 (5×5) Cell Boxes (ea) 10 8
    Number of Racks with 100 (10×10) Cell Boxes (ea) 28 31
    Number of 25 (5×5) Cell Boxes (ea) 110 104
    Number of 100 (10×10) Cell Boxes (ea) 308 403
    Number of Stages per Rack (ea) 11 13
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