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Smart Cap stopper breaks the traditional way of measuring liquid level in liquid nitrogen tank, and can realize real-time monitoring of temperature and liquid level in tank without opening the lid. Fully monitor the storage environment of samples in the tank for safety.

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SmartCap intelligent cork, with liquid nitrogen tank level monitoring and temperature monitoring functions of highly integrated low-power Internet of Things module. It is suitable for 50MM/80MM/125MM/216MM caliber liquid nitrogen tank products, but also compatible with other similar liquid nitrogen tank on the market (only internal height and caliber can be configured), built-in high-efficiency nickel batteries, effective working time up to 2 years. When it collects liquid level and temperature data, it transmits the collected data to the data relay for storage at a fixed frequency (10 minutes per time) by 2.4 G wireless mode.

Product Features:

Double independent measurement system for high accuracy liquid level measurement and temperature measurement;
Real-time display of liquid level and temperature and free setting of SMS, email and WeChat alarm;
Send liquid level data and temperature data to smart box wirelessly;
Remote transmission of liquid level data and temperature data to the Cloud, realizing data recording, printing, storage and other functions;
Adopt internal imported special-shaped nickel battery for power supply, with long battery life.

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  • MODEL LT-50/LT-80/LT-125/LT-216
    Working Temperature -20 〜40°C Level Measurement Range 160 〜700mm
    Relative Humidity W75% ( 25°C ) Level Error ± 5mm
    Instrument Inout Power Supply 3.6V Temperature Measurement Range -200 〜200°C
    Level Sensor Capacitance Temperature Error ±0.1°C
    Temperature Sensor PT-100
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