Liquid nitrogen ice cream machine

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Haishengjie low temperature combined with the domestic ice cream industry development of ice cream liquid nitrogen filling machine with simple operation, easy to use, low cost advantages.

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With the development of society, people’s needs to improve, such as ice cream and cold drinks such as cold drinks, more taste, healthy eating, especially the birth of liquid nitrogen ice cream makes the ice cream industry to develop further, liquid nitrogen ice cream From the taste of eating or smoke filled the mood is really fascinating.

In the foreign liquid nitrogen production of ice cream and cold drinks have been popular in the case, the domestic has just begun to enter the trial stage, the end of the reason, nothing less than foreign production and development of this product is expensive, after the transfer of China, its high prices , Cumbersome, and area and other factors.

Product Features:

▷The electric supercharging system is safe and reliable by controlling the instrument to boost and stabilize the pressure
▷High vacuum thermal insulation technology has low loss of static liquid nitrogen
▷The whole machine has a more beautiful appearance thanks to the plastic spraying process
▷Ergonomic design makes operation more comfortable
▷Brittle coating is smooth and does not cause melting, bonding, surface cracking or peeling.

Product advantages:

▷It tastes better and is healthier
Instant cooling, soft and delicate taste.The ingredients are fully surrounded by liquid nitrogen to reduce contact with air and maintain their original taste and nutritional value.

▷Safety quality
Man-machine interface system, self-pressurization and constant pressure, improve production efficiency;Equipped with discharge switch, liquid level alarm, pressure display and other functions, safer operation.

▷Humanized design
High cost performance, small footprint, high-quality universal wheel, easy to move, durable;Folding platform, integrated design, more convenient storage.


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    Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) (mm) 940 x 690 x 1140(Folding Size of Bar) 1550 x 690 x 1140(Bar Expansion Size)
    Net Weight (kg) 105
    Use Pressure (mPa) <0.1 ( Default Voltage Control 0.025 MPa )
    Low Level Alarm 940 Liquid Level Below 50 mm
    Main Material of Liquid Nitrogen Container 06Cr19Ni10
    Main Material of Box Q235 (High Temperature Plastic Spraying on Internal and External Surfaces)
    Specification for Thread of Liquid Nitrogen Container Rehydration Port UNF3/4 External Thread
    External Power Supply (V) AC220V
    Effective Volume of Liquid Nitrogen Container (L) 50
    Thermal Insulation Form of Liquid Nitrogen Tank High Vacuum Multilayer Insulation
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