Sea food freezing tank

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With people’s deeper pursuit and enjoyment of food, our company specially developed the Sea food freezing tank.Liquid nitrogen refrigeration is currently recognized as the most environmentally friendly, efficient and economical cooling medium in food science and technology. Even if frozen for a long time, it will ensure the best texture.

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Seafood liquid nitrogen cryopreservation technology isa new food freezing technology in recent years. Standard temperature of liquid nitrogen is -195.8 ℃, and it is currently recognized as the most environmentally friendly, efficient and most economical cooling medium. When liquid nitrogen and seafood contacting, temperature difference is over 200 ℃, and the food could be rapidly frozen within five minutes.Rapid freezing makes ice crystals of seafood very small, eliminating the loss of moisture, inhibiting the destruction of bacteria and other microorganisms.The food would not meet any oxidation, discoloration and rancidity, so to keep the color, flavor and original nutrients; and long term cryopreservation can also maintain the best taste.

Product Features:

○ Rotary tray design, easy access.
○ Food grade stainless steel manufacturing, more than 10 years of service life.
○ Fast refrigeration, long preservation time, low operating cost, no noise.

Product advantages:

○Low evaporation rate of liquid nitrogen
High vacuum multilayer insulation technology ensures low evaporation loss rate of liquid nitrogen and low operating cost.

○ New technology keeps original taste
Liquid nitrogen rapid freezing, food ice crystal particles minimum, eliminate the loss of water, inhibit bacteria and other microorganisms damage to food, so that food almost no oxidation discoloration and only rancidity.

○ Intelligent monitoring system
Can be equipped with intelligent monitoring system, real-time network monitoring of each tank temperature, liquid level height, etc., can also realize automatic filling, all kinds of fault alarm.At the same time to provide inventory management system, goods in and out of storage management.

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  • MODEL YDD-6000-650 YDD-6000Z-650
    Effective Capacity (L) 6012 6012
    Liquid Nitrogen Volume Under Pallet (L) 805 805
    Neck Opening (mm) 650 650
    Internal Effective Height (mm) 1500 1500
    Outer Diameter (mm) 2216 2216
    Total Height (Including Instrument) (mm) 3055 3694
    Weight Empty (kg) 2820 2950
    Operating Height (mm) 2632 2632
    Voltage (V) 24V DC 380V AC
    Power (W) 72 750


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